StockPair Review

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Stockpair is a web-based binary option broker, whose headquarter is based in Limassol, Cyprus. It has been establish since 2010 and officially certified and licensed by the stockpair reviewEuropean Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) recently. The following detailed reviews of StockPair features make sure Stockpair stand out in the crowded binary option market.

StockPair Trading platform

Stockpair is guaranteed to be the perfect choice to meet all demands of trader in a stock market. They empower their users with free control over their options by different types of trading platform, especially pair options. Nowhere else can traders find a more diverse list of stock pairs than this site. It ranges from many types of currency such as EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF to less popularly traded commodities like Oil. To come up with such a wide range of tradable assets, Stockpair’s network is available in 7 stock exchanges in America, Europe and Australia. What’s more, the list is designed to drop down from the menu bar right in the home page so you can save the effort of looking for them for choosing the right pair of stock.

stockpair trading

StockPair Trading Platform

Different from other sites which set some limit on the amount of investment based on trading types, Stockpair allows a free range of $20 – $6,000. In case your option are active for more than an hour without any sign of return or you have another better deal to invest in, it is totally permissible to exit early.

Within the expiry time, you can track the changes by seconds on a live feed. Interestingly, the waiting time can be invested in other investment and activities.


stockpair mobile

StockPair Mobile

The most outstanding feature of Stockpair has to be its educational and supporting system. Traders can reduce the risk to the greatest extend by utilizing the trade control, early sale options. The chance to gain big return may be doubled with the help of technical analysis charts and experts’ advices. If you are a newbie to the industry, don’t worry as there are detailed training courses together with reports to show you how the market is actually operating.

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Customer Service

 Even though the customer service is only available within working hour, its quality is high enough to make up for this. Whenever a question is raised on chat box, it will be replied within second. Support through phone is made widespread across ten countries where Stockpair’s network is available. As they are mostly in the Western countries, English is chosen to be the common language. Last but not least, email is one of the main methods that Stockpair respond to users. The longest time to receive a replying email is only an hour.

The best part of getting support from Stockpair is that we receive not only the technical answers but also the practical experience and sharing from the customer service team.

Ease of use

Always place the users’ rights on the top priority; Stockpair tries their best to save every single effort of their customers. Registration process is the greatest example. It is very short and simple. Users are able to deposit via credit card, Moneybookers and Wire or whichever methods that are most convenient to them.

Stockpair is a web-based option platform. Users don’t have to take time to download an application into their PC or mobile. As long as the internet connection is available, the access to the option platform is unlimited.

As mentioned above, the list of asset pairs is drop down from menu bar, this helps traders easily find the assets of choice. Especially, traders are allowed to switch between binary option and pair option. It is important to take into consideration that by switching between these two methods of trading, you can save the a lot of time of waiting


Stockpair really breathe a new life to the crowded online option market. Its greatest value is being simple. There are not many categories or types or rules or instruction to remember and follow in Stockpair. People trade on familiar assets with easily understandable strategies. Most importantly, the minimum deposit in Stockpair is low while the range of investment amount is very large ($20 – $6,000). No matter what level you are in, you will find yourself comfortable to trade in Stockpair.

StockPair Strategy Video

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StockPair Review
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