I want my $150 Cash Back. How do I get it?

All you need to do is a few steps:

  1. Choose a broker and open a trading account. It’s important that you use the link we specifically provide via our banner, “Open Account” or “Click Here”.
  2. After you’ve funded your account, send us an email at binarycashbackdaily@gmail.com with your name, registered broker and your preferred payment method.
  3. Start trading and wait until 1st to 25th of the following month, you’ll get your $150 in your preferred payment method.

Do I need to trade to get the Cash Back

You’ll need to trade to be eligible for the Cash back. You’ll need to run at least a number of trades to avoid the situation that you would deposit and withdraw right away.

What can I do if the broker I want to register with is not listed?

Please get in touch with us whether in the chat or Contact Us, we’ll settle a cash back arrangement for you. We work with all the brokers, so, you’ll definitely get your cash back.

I’ve already get Cash Back. Can I get Cash Back for other brokers?

Yes, as long as your account is brand new, then you’re eligible for cash back. Usually, a broker accepts one account for a specific name, so you’ll get cash back one time for one broker. If you want to get another cash back, please open an account with other broker.

Is there any fee?

No, there’s absolutely no fee.

How long does it take to get my cash back?

The cash transfer will be made the following month after you’ve opened a trading account. Usually, it’ll be from 1st to 25th of the following month.

What will be the payment method for my bonus?

We conduct payments via Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookes) or Neteller. So, please indicate your preferred payment method in your email.

Are there any fees for transactions?

Usually there’re no fee for Paypal and Neteller transaction but there could fee a small fee in region of $2 when transaction made via Skrill.

Why Binary Options?

Digital or Binary Options Trading is the latest and probably the fastest and most efficient way to make money today. Unlike other financial investment, Binary Options traders can get a significant returns in a very short amount of time.All you need to do is to make decision of the movement of the market whether it’s going up or going down to current level in a specific time, set your position and and you’ll get payout of up to 195% of your investment.

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