How to Clear Your Browser Cookies

The reason you’ll need to clear your browser cookies is because Binary Options brokers use cookies to determine whether you’ve already visit their site. Therefore, in order to make a brand new account, you’ll need to clear your cookies first before click on “Open Account” with our link. There’re several ways to clear your cookies, below are a few of them, please read on.

1. Use CCleaner 

CCleaner is a free software which make your computer faster. Click HERE to start download and install CCleaner.


Click on Run Cleaner.


That’s it. You’ve already clear your cookies with CCleaner.

2. Manually Clear Cookies

If you don’t want to install CCleaner, please refer to this page for a few manual way to delete your cookies with different browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer…

How to Clear Your Browser Cookies
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