24Option Review

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24option-competitionAll traders might have heard about this broker – 24Option since it is one of the most popular and oldest brokers in the binary option market. According to Alexa, this site is the third popular. In our newest review, non-US traders will find out the most updated information about this broker. (Why non-US? Because last year, this broker unfortunately ended their service for the US market.) Ok, so if you reside in the US, then just stop here, but if not, the rest of this review will let you know how this company becomes such a powerful broker in this competitive market. Scroll down to read 24Option Review in details.

24Option Platform & Features Review

24Option owns one of the most innovative and advanced platforms among the brokers, which could be seen clearly through its charting software. So it is common that we suggest our customers should use the off-site charting software like TOS software from TD Ameritrade to have a better picture of what’s going on. However, the charting feature of 24option is so amazing that we believe it is no longer necessary to use this off-site software. This is a typical example of how 24Option has innovated their platform tooffer traders the best trading experience.

Juventus_AdWe have conducted a lot of reviews for different brokers and rarely seen such a good feature like this. Yeah, you cannot expect their charting software to have enough features or to be as sophisticated as the off-site version. Anyway, it is still very hard to attach such a complicated part like that on your website and in the meantime, ensure that the whole thing runs smoothly. However, do not get me wrong! 24Option’s charting software still has most of the main features and options in advanced and off-site software, which certainly meets the needs of any traders. We believe most of you will be persuaded after experiencing its charting tools. Here at BinaryCashBackDaily, you’ll have a chance to get $150 cash back to your paypal or skrill account if you above via our link below!

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24Option Information 

  • Trading Platform & Service Available In 16 Languages
  • Ranked 3rd Most Popular Broker Globally
  • 100+ Underlying Assets & 200+ Different Trading Combinations
  • $50,000 Maximum Investment – Highest In The Industry
  • Hard To Find Boundary Options Offered
  • Payouts Up To 89% For High/Low, and Short-Term
  • Payouts Up To 310% For Above/Below + One-Touch and Boundary
  • Payouts Up To 500% For High-Yield One-Touch
  • OTM Refund Rates Up To 15%
  • “Early Close” Feature For Better Risk Management
  • Huge Library of Training Videos & Articles For Beginners
  • The Best Mobile Apps In The Industry That We Have Seen
  • Daily One-Touch & Boundary Options + High-Yield Weekly Variety
  • Licensed & Governed By Multiple Regulatory Agencies
  • Frequent Promotions & Trading Contests With Great Prizes!

24Option High/Low & Above/Below Option Contracts

Now it’s turn to take a look at something more important! Yeah I mean it’s great to have good platform or fantastic charting tools. However, those tools are nothing if you do not have good contracts, right? The first contract, also the most familiar one is the standard high/low contract. To understand well this kind of binary options, traders need an useful charting tool which can help them do technical analysis, and that’s also what 24Option does the best. As we mention above, the advanced charting tools of 24Option surely satisfies most of traders. Therefore, we’ll skip this and see what the default trading screen for the high/low contract looks like.


The second kind of binary options, which we want to mention, is the above/below contracts. At first, it seems that these two share many similarities. Nevertheless, they are run quite differently with the above/below contract having higher potential returns. Actually, the above/below contract is somewhat likely the one-touch option with the almost same payouts as well. Of course, they do have some differences as the above/below need to be ITM when it expires, which is the same with the standard high/low option. These contracts are not very popular and they have many interesting strategy development options.

24Option Short-Term Binary Options Contracts

24Option has its own answer for the 60-second option trading. Its introduction of the “Short-Term” binary option can be considered a major success. Unlike the 60-second option whose expiration period is set permanently to be 60 seconds, “Short-Term” binary options allow traders to choose different contracts of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. This is a step forward since it empowers traders with more flexibility and strategy development.

24Option Daily & High-Yield Weekly One-Touch Options

24option offers you with two kinds of one-touch option: the daily version and the high-yield weekly ones which are for weekend only. Both of them are excellent. The high-yield weekly options have very high return of even up to 500% with the average of more than 300%, but traders might find a bit difficult to get the strike prices. On the other hand, the daily option has lower returns of around 200% averagely, and in some cases, goes up to 310%. It is because the later has smaller magnitude “strike price” levels.

24Option Boundary Option Contracts – In/Out Options

24option assetsThere are many not-very-popular contracts which you can only find at some specific broker. The boundary option and ladder option are those kinds, but since 24Option is one of the most popular brokers in the industry, you can find most of them here and those two are not exception. There will be no exact answer of whether these contracts get more popular in the future since they all depend on the response of the market. For example, the 60-second options are first introduced with TradeRush, but now they are available in almost every broker. Therefore, the market itself will decide whether these options go popular.

Well, in total we have around 7 different contract varieties (or 5 if you don’t differentiate daily and high-yield weekly one-touch options). With hundreds of different trading combinations, you surely have a lot of things to do here. Therefore, from our experience, you will find no difficulty to have potential trades with 24option. This broker has most of the common underlying assets for your selection, some even with unexpectedly good improvement. There might be something missed, but 24option obviously has replacement for those. For this category, 24option gets 9.75/10 from us for their best on-site trading platform.

24Option Customer Service

We are completely happy with the customer service of 24option this year. We contact them 4 times in total, twice with their live chat, once with the email and once by phone to demand a withdrawal request. It is great to see an excellent and standardized service in all 4 contacts as last year they lose some points due to a rude and unhelpful staff. During the market hours, we have to wait a few second or up to a minute to get their response through live chat and for about 10 minutes for the email. For our last withdrawal request, they show a free and fast process and we don’t encounter any problem about withdrawal cancellation pressure from the agent which is a real issue with some brokers.

The reputation of this binary option broker is definitely an advantage. 24option is well known among the serious binary option traders due to its excellent service and a history of reliability after running for over four years.  Apart from complains from some traders who lost their $200 minimum deposit and accused of scamming, which we all know to ignore, we could hardly find any legitimate complain about this broker. We guarantee that 24option if one of the most financially stable and prestige broker in the market, therefore, trading here would undoubtedly help you feel safe and secure.

Finally we welcome any comment or review if you previously had contact with this broker or any other binary option broker in this industry. Please feel free to leave comments in the below box! Thank you so much for your help.

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24Option Review
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