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Hello, here at BinaryCashBackDaily, we provide cash rebates for every new account you open with our listed brokers. We have the highest rebates rate and have paid rebates of over $50.000 over the past months for hundreds of traders and we strike to continue doing so on time, everytime. Click “Open Account” on one of the top-rated brokers below and scroll down to read “How to be eligible for cash back”.

Min Dep
Cash Back
2 stockpair$250$200Review5
3usaUSA Flag 1$200$150Review5

How to Start?

  1. First of all, you need to clear your browser cookies to make sure that you get the $150 Cash Back. Please refer to this link on “How to Clear your browser cookies
  2. Click on “Open Account” on table above or choose one of the broker of your choice in our selected brokers page.
  3. After you’ve funded your account, please send us your payment preference (Skrill Moneybookers, Paypal or Neteller) (if possible, please include a screenshot of your trading account). Remember that you need to start trading in order to qualify for the cash back. You’ll need to make a least a few trades.
  4. You are able to open account with different brokers and still get cash back for every new account opening with our link. You’ll be able to open only one account for each broker, therefore, to get more cash back, please open account with another brokers.
  5. If you have any question, please contact us in live chat or using the Contact Us form!

How Does It Work?

When you open a new account through, the brokers pay us commission and we share most of the commission with you via paypal, neteller or skrill. It’s that simple! Your trading condition will be exactly the same and you’ll be able to get extra cash to kick start your trading career with almost no risk!

Usually, the minimum deposit for most brokers are $200, when you open an account with our special link, you’ll instantly get cash back of $150, no question asked! Basically, you just spend $50 and have an account of $200 to start trading; that’s $150 RISK FREE. For some brokers, they require a minimum deposit of just $100 and we pay you $100 in cash back, that’s a FREE $100 account for you to start trading.

How Do I Get Paid?

We pay the following month after you open account. BinaryCashBackDaily usually pay from 5th to 25th of the following month. For example, you open an account in January, you’ll get paid from 5th to 25th of Match via your preferred payment choices: Paypal, Skrill (MoneyBookers) or Neteller.

How Much Do I Need to Deposit?

The amount you need to deposit depends on the brokers. Some requires minimum deposit of just $100, some requires $200 and a few requires $300. Please refer to this page for more information on minimum deposit and how much cash back you’ll get.

What’s Cash Back Requirement?

There’re no special requirements to get the cash back. As long as your account is brand new, register through BinaryCashBackDaily and you are an active traders, then you’re eligible for cash back. You’ll have to make at least a few trades to show that you are an active trader in order to be eligible for cash back. By doing so, we would prevent people from deposit, then withdraw right away and still get the huge cash back amount from us.

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options is defined by estimating the movement of an underlying assets during a given period of time. In most other type of investment, investors actually purchase the assets and their profits and losses are determined upon the change in value of predetermined asset in the market. This type of trading requires traders to constantly worry about their position because the position is exposed to market volatility at all time. They have to follow the markets at almost all time to sell their position, that would increase psychological stress and would affect your trading performance greatly. With Binary Options, that stress has been wiped out since you’ve already set the pre-determined time to be in the market. All you need is to analyse the market before-hand, set the position and worry-free about the rest.

What Assets Can be Traded? 

With Binary Options, you have wide veriety of assets to start trading. You can trade the foreign exchange pairs (Forex), Commodity, Stock or the classic Indices.

  • Indices: A lot of indices are available like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkei,…
  • Commodities: All the famous commodities you could mention like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Corn, Coffee and more.
  • Forex: A vast combination of major and toxic Forex Pairs such as: USD, EUR, GBP ,JPY, AUD, CHF, CAD,…
  • Stocks: Stocks of most big companies are available to trade like: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Coca Cola,…

Benefit of Binary Options

  • Limited Risks: You can start trading Binary Options with very minimum amount of money, alongside with our cash back program, you could start trading for FREE or even for just $50. With a certain position, you are essentially able to calculate your risk even before placing the trades.
  • High Rewards: Expiry time for Binary Options is much shorter than traditional trading like Forex and Stock. You could make money within matter of minutes to a few hours, unlike having to wait for days and weeks in traditional stocks.
  • Simple Trading: Trading Binary Options is simplicity at its finest. You just have to pick a financial assets, set the amount you want to trade and the direction of the assets. Select the expiry time, have a cup of coffee and wait for options to expire.
  • Social Trading: Binary Options brokers have been actively integrated their platform to make traders closer and closer, that’s the born of social trading where trader could see others’ trading performance and traders also able to see market sentiment in general as well.
  • Wide Range of Assets: As mentioned above, you could trade basically all type of financial assets from Stocks, Forex, Indices to Commodities.
  • Trade Anywhere: Binary Options brokers made it easy for traders with the ability to trade from anywhere, at anytime. They offer traders the convenient web-based trading platform on desktop, laptop and also mobile. Therefore, you are able to keep track of your position or watch the market activity at all time. The markets are also open 24/7 because the assets are internationally traded

With all that benefits of Binary Options, it’s time for you to open an account and start trading for FREE or a very limited risk with our cash back program.

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